AIR – artinresidence presents
“Residencies as Learning Environments”

The International Meeting of Residencies will be on June 29th and 30th 2015 will at Frigoriferi Milanesi in via Piranesi 10, Milan (IT) and organised by AIR – artinresidence (

Several definitions and perspectives have been used in the last few years to describe the value of artists’ residencies and to identify heir specific function in the attempt to understand where they stand as new institutions in the art field. For some, residencies are “forums of affinities” that bring together like-minded people in specific places imbued with history; for others, residencies are spaces that provide artists with facilities to carry out ambitious and innovative works that would not be realized otherwise. For others still, residencies are spaces that favor intangible production and open research processes and collaboration, with results that are only visible over time.

Considering this kaleidoscopic range of valuable possibilities, the International Meeting proposes yet another perspective. We would like to look at residencies as learning environments, places for collective and personal self-development that are complementary to the existing educational paths available for artists (i.e. Bachelor, Masters and PhD programs for the Arts), and to the educational programs offered by museums and art institutions.

We believe that the interruption of one’s daily routines, the variation of the perception of time, the focused moments shared by artists and professionals with their peers in a specific place, and the encounter with a new culture function as catalyst for processes of self-transformation, knowledge acquisition and circulation. The result of such processes is the production of a knowledge that is ‘unframed’, informal and uncertified. More particularly, the residency becomes an occasion for learning (or unlearning) ways of making and thinking for the resident artist, as well as for those who have contact with the artist during his stay (i.e. local artists, collaborators and other professionals, specialized and general public that take part in the activities developed by the resident artist).

We will talk about whether and how this occurs with directors and curators of residency programs coming from Italy, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Lebanon, Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Azerbaijan.

Guests are invited to present and discuss their ideas of education and the production of knowledge through specific projects and programs of their organization, highlighting the function that each specific project has in its regional context.

The International Meeting is an idea developed by FARE, an organization that, in addition to the traditional format of a residency, develops educational programs, in collaboration with academic and international partners. Based on interdisciplinary research, sharing of knowledge and exchange of experience, the programme investigates different areas of interest: the know-how of residential practices; the relationship between art and the public sphere; audience development; capacity building of artists, curators and cultural operators.

The International Meeting of Residencies is curated by Angela Serino, curator (ONResidencies). Speakers at the event are:  Mark Vennegoor, Managing Director Res Artis, Amsterdam (NL), Michele Trimarchi, Professor of Economic Analysis of Law and Cultural Economics (IT), Marie Fol, Programme Manager Dutch Culture | TransArtists, Amsterdam (NL), Gaetano Carboni, Founder and Director of Pollinaria (IT), Vytautas Michelkevicius, Artistic Director of NIDA Art Colony, Vilnius (LT), Emilio Fantin, artist member of Free Home University (IT); Amanda Abi Khalil, Founder e Director of Temporary Art Platform, Beirut (LB); Bayan Al Barak Kanoo, Founder and Director of Al Riwaq Art Space, Bahrain (BH); Giuseppe Moscatello, Director Maraya Art Centre, Sharjah (EAU); Sara el Adl, Curator Town House Gallery, Cairo (EG); Farid Abdullayev, Executive Director of Yarat Contemporary Art Space, Baku (AZ).

The International Meeting of the Residences is part of the AIR – artinresidence’s project, the Italian network of artist residencies ( Artinresidence, born out of an idea generated by FARE in 2010, has become a reference point for Italian residences, igniting the internationalization process.

The event is created by FARE, in collaboration with GAI – Association for the Circuit of Young Italian Artists, in partnership with That’s Contemporary, with the contribution of Lombardy Region and with the support of Open Care, Frigoriferi Milanesi and World Trade Center in Milan.

The International Meeting will be streamed on Periscope from @artinresidence’s account. In addition, the audience will be updated on Facebook (AIR – artinresidence) and Twitter (@artinresidence).
The event is free and open to the public. Participants should register at the following link:



Meeting Internazione delle Residenze, June 29-30 2015, Frigoriferi Milanesi, via G. B. Piranesi 10, Milan, Italy.
For more info: AIR – artinresidence,, +39 02 73956317 OR FARE,