Alessandro Perini wins Imagonirmia Award 2015-2016

Alessandro Perini is the winner of the first edition of Imagonirmia Award, created and founded by Mantoni family in memory of her daughter Elena.

With the title Variable displacement, IMAGONIRMIA Award keeps in consideration the Elena’s idea, of “garden” as common good, and from here it intends to intercept the interest of artists whose work relates to the minor places, understood as the ground of civil affection in dialogue both with rootedness as with displacement.

At the end of the Imagonirmia Award 2015-2016, the first thanks go to all participants, to the artists who have made this call even more full of meanings. The number and the quality of submitted proposal reinforces Association Imagonirmia Elena Mantoni’s intention, to meet young talents and create new opportunities.

After a careful analysis of all submitted projects, the Commission selected Alessandro Perini’s proposal as idea-project winner, with his ongoing research touchmysound. Alessandro Perini is a composer, sound artist, born in 1983, he lives between Como and Malmö (Sweden). He works on the sound-people-environment relationship, then the possibilities of revealing and redirecting perceptions and sense experience within the individual and collective experience.

During the residency, Alessandro Perini activities, which will start in April 2016, will explore Chiaravalle’s acoustic potential, in order to fuel reflection on the sound also as a bodily experience and the relationship between human experience and territory, in the modification of the one and the other.

The IMAGONIRMIA Award includes a residency of 4 consecutive weeks, at FARE, Frigoriferi Milanesi – Milano (; one contribution for living and travel expenses of 600 (six hundred) euro; one contribution for the travel until a max of 200 (two hundred) euro; an economic contribution for the production of 2.500 (two thousand five hundred) euro; curatorial support; educational courses to agreed at the International Center of Studies on Landscape and Garden Bergamo; connection to the project with monastery threshold | yards to the planetary garden; printed publication with texts and images.
The project is created by IMAGONIRMIA Elena Mantoni’s Cultural Association (, in collaboration with Fare (, AIR – artinresidence (, Frigoriferi Milanesi (, Open Care ( e associazione terzo paesaggio.