INHEPI Is the annual workshop of the International Network of Human Encounters in Performance and Installation (INHEPI)

INHEPI is an international company that functions as a network for autonomous artists with the aim of supporting and developing the research of interactive installations and performances throughout the world.
The aim is to create a platform for an on-going investigation and research. The experiment and the dialog will in this context always be more important than a finished artistic product.

In their very different approaches to interactive theatre, the group is reinventing the romantic tradition of art into interactive, theatrical installation frames. Key words in this tradition is to transcend the oppositions between free play and controlled behavior, between the creative powers of the individual and the dynamics of group interaction, between imagination and reality towards powerful, poetic and profound meetings between human beings in imaginary spaces that in a sense are more real than reality. This is done in very different ways, building on the participants’ different interests and experiences, but always based on an honest respect for the audience as someone who can both give and receive something important and personal in the interaction, as long as the performers strive for creating theatrical framings of high artistic quality.   

”How is it possible creatively and artistically to use/control the unpedictability (and the chaos) it entails to invite the audience into the theatrical frame. How do you find the balance between giving the audience a genuine feeling of co-creation and freedom and at the same time ensuring the artistic quality of the performance/installation?” 

Thomas Rosendal Nielsen
(Ph.d., Assistant Professor, Department of Aesthetics and Communication, University of Aarhus)

Since INHEPI wants to be an on-going research platform it will be very open to sharing ideas and work with other partners.  Members and Collaborators are researchers, theatres, performers, supporters, and temporary partners, cultural institutions, festivals that have directly worked with INHEPI.

In this workshop, There will be these INHEPI’s artists: Sara Topsøe-Jensen (Denmark), Marga Socias (Spain), Alex Desebrock (Australia), Cindy Rudel (Germany), Jennifer Andersen e Heidi Weatherald (Australia), Jean-Marie Oriot (France-Belgium), Antonella Cirigliano, Daria Tonzig e Massimo Todini (Italy), Mette Aakjær (Denmark), Sara John (Australia).