Bait al KARAMA

FARE association organizes a fundraising event in support of Bait al KARAMA’s project. The dinner, opened to the public, will be in Frigoriferi Milanesi and it will be possible to eat some of the most interesting dishes of Arab and Palestinian culinary tradition.

Bait al KARAMA foresees the establishment of a social-cultural centre run by women and managed according to a social enterprise business model, where food-related activities is the vehicle to develop regular income for the women involved as well as the mean to sustain a social and cultural meaningful programme.

At the heart of the project, two main goals:
– to support the social and economic needs of women of the Old City of Nablus struggling in the aftermath of the occupation by means of a food-based social enterprise.
– to draw international attention to the Old City of Nablus as a place of Art and Culture, by initiating a number of cultural and artistic initiatives involving the local and wider Palestinian cultural scene as well as international guests  and to encourage sustainable tourism.

Bait al KARAMA Women Centre is located in a recently renovated building in the very heart of the Old City of Nablus. Bait al Karama, run and managed by disadvantaged women living in the Old City of Nablus, features, among other relevant social and educational activities, the first female-run Cookery School in Palestine. Through income generating activities Bait al Karama aims to achieve long-term financial sustainability, and to accomplish its social-cultural mission, whilst offering the women of the Old City employment and the chance to develop income and self-sustainability.

Bait al KARAMA is the first Slow Food Convivium in Nablus.

Bait al KARAMA is a project initiated by Fatima Kadumy (of the the Women Committee of the Nablus Old City Charity Society),  Beatrice Catanzaro (visual artist – Italy) and Cristiana Bottigella (cultural manager – UK). The project is realised in partnership with FARE association.